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Therapist Membership: Elevate Your Practice with Exclusive 1-2-1 Coaching!

Do you aspire to achieve remarkable results like these success stories?

"Last year I managed to increase my retail sales by 66%"

"I was working 5 days in my business & weekends on paperwork. Now I’m working 2½ days on clients & 1 day on my business, yet earning the same money"

"I’ve had the first worry free winter in 17 years of business! I can’t thank Jane enough!"

Unlock the potential for unprecedented growth and success in your business with our exclusive therapist membership

We bring you the power of 1-2-1 coaching without the hefty price tag!

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Therapy Business Management Skills

Do you find yourself struggling with essential business management skills, such as financial management and organisational proficiency? Our Thriving Business Club is here to empower you to enhance these crucial aspects of your practice

Time Management Woes? Find the Hours You Need

Is the day never long enough for your growing to-do list? Our Thriving Business Club equips you with the strategies and tools to manage your time effectively, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters for the growth of your business

Navigating social media overwhelm

Our Thriving Business Club provides insights and solutions to help you navigate the digital landscape effectively, making social media a powerful tool rather than an overwhelming challenge.  This includes our monthly social media planning strategy session

1-2-1 Coaching Without the Hefty Price Tag

If you resonate with any of these challenges, the Thriving Business Club is your solution. The ONLY membership for therapists that offers 1-2-1 coaching without the 1-2-1 cost. And here's the best part – it's run by working therapists who understand the unique demands of your profession

Break Free from Stagnation: Propel Your Therapy Business Forward

Whether you're yearning for growth or hitting roadblocks, the Thriving Business Club provides the guidance and support you need to break through barriers and achieve sustainable success

Balancing Act: Reclaim Your Personal Life

Are you sacrificing your personal life to keep up with the demands of your business? The Thriving Business Club not only supports your professional growth but also emphasises the importance of achieving a work-life balance, allowing you to thrive in both realms

No More Business Loneliness: Join a Supportive Community

Feel lonely in your business journey? The Thriving Business Club is not just a membership; it's a community of like-minded therapists who understand your challenges. Connect, share, and grow together

Membership just £65 per month with no tie in (can cancel at any time)

Membership includes

  • Time to book in for a 1-2-1 meeting every month
  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • Monthly member meetings (can be a mixture of training or a group chat)
  • Monthly social media planning sessions
  • Instant WhatsApp support
  • Annual & quarterly business planning & strategy meetings
  • and much, much more .....

You pick ‘n’ mix what’s relevant for you and your business, with guidance from us.

"The accountability sessions and the support provided to make & hit your business goals is priceless"

"The portal is like an index.  A beauty bible.  I know I can refer to anything if I need to"

"If you’re running your own beauty business, joining the Thriving Business Club  is one of the best decisions you will ever make. She will make sure your kept accountable and hitting your target"

"Thanks for the Annual Strategy Meeting. It was great to start the new year with a bang and get a solid plan in place for 2024 & beyond. I can’t thank Jane enough for creating this comprehensive plan to get me on the right path with my business. I found it really insightful and thought provoking and now have a clear plan in place for the year ahead"

Read what some of our members say:

Don't settle for generic business programmes!!

Embrace our holistic approach that nurtures your mindset, fuels your business growth & sets you apart in the industry.

As working therapists & trainers, we understand the frustrations & challenges you face striving for success in a rapidly evolving industry. 

We recognise the internal struggles you may be facing. Self-doubt, impostor syndrome, procrastination, pressure of trying to please everyone. All of this is holding you back from achieving your full potential. How do we know? We’ve been there!

We know how disheartening it can be to feel adrift in your business, lacking the enthusiasm you once had for your profession. Stuck on that never-ending cycle of resolve to improve, followed by a crash & burn. Rest assured, you’re not alone!

Join the Thriving Business Club to gain confidence and realise your life goals whilst growing a thriving therapy business.

Elevate your business with personalised guidance, mind block mastery and 1:1 support.

"Jane puts her heart and soul into everything she does. This is what makes the Thriving Business Club such a fantastic membership. The portal has an unbelievable amount of resources to work on every aspect of your business, as well as your mindset. Jane helps you put a solid plan in place for your business and keeps you accountable, so you achieve your goals"

Empower Your Mindset for Lasting Success

Say goodbye to generic therapist business programmes! Our holistic approach goes beyond the conventional, nurturing your mindset to fuel sustained business growth and set you apart in the industry

Empower Your Mindset for Lasting SuccessOvercoming Internal Battles: You're Not Alone

We recognise the internal struggles you may be grappling with – self-doubt, impostor syndrome, procrastination, and the overwhelming pressure to please everyone. These challenges are holding you back from realising your full potential. How do we know? Because we've been there too

Confidence, Goals, and Growth: Join the Thriving Business Club

Join the Thriving Business Club to transcend these challenges and gain the confidence to realise your life goals while growing a thriving business. Elevate your business with personalised guidance, master the art of overcoming mental blocks, and receive one-on-one support from a community that understands the unique journey of therapists like you

Understanding Your Struggles: From Therapists to Therapists

As working therapists and trainers, we intimately understand the frustrations and challenges you face in our dynamic world. The industry is evolving rapidly, and we're here to guide you through it

Breaking Free from Business Discontent

Feeling adrift in your business? Perhaps the enthusiasm you once had for your profession has waned. It's a common struggle, caught in the cycle of resolution to improve, followed by moments of burnout. Rest assured, you're not alone!

"Support is constant and regular meetings and honest advice is always given. I wouldn’t be without this support now I’ve discovered them as they work relentlessly to provide as much guidance as possible"

"What we love about Jane is she’s real. She’s honest. She’s tells you as it – she tells you want you need to know & do.  Sometimes it’s not what you want to hear but you know it’s what you have to hear.  I want a genuine person I can talk to & get an honest opinion back.  She’s real & genuine & always works with her best intentions"

"The portal you get access to with the membership has changed my life, there is so much information for you to take in at your pace and up skill yourself with. This has really helped me feel like I'm not running my business alone anymore"

Experience Unparalleled Growth with Personalised 1:1 Focus

Tailored Attention to Your Business Journey

Step away from the generic and embrace our unique 1:1 focus on your business goals, challenges, and strategies. Leave behind the limitations of group-only support and immerse yourself in the transformative power of individualised attention

Beyond Group Boundaries: Personalised Support

Break free from the constraints of group-only support and experience the difference of one-on-one focus. Your journey is unique, and so are your business aspirations. Our Monthly 1:1 calls ensure that you receive the tailored guidance and strategic insights needed to overcome challenges and achieve unparalleled success.

Monthly Deep-Dive: Your Goals, Challenges, and Strategies

Unlock the full potential of your business with our exclusive Monthly 1:1 focused calls. This is where we dive deep into your goals, challenges, and strategies, providing you with dedicated attention and customised action plans designed specifically to propel you towards your dreams

Empower Your Dreams: Customised Action Plans

Immerse yourself in the power of dedicated attention. Our Monthly 1:1 calls aren't just about discussing goals; they're about crafting customised action plans designed exclusively for you. Feel the impact of strategic support as you propel your business towards the realisation or your dreams

MindBlock Bluster Programme©

Our self-study MindBlock Buster Programme© will help you conquer self-doubt, extinguish imposter syndrome & optimise your self-talk. Experience a profound shift in confidence & clarity as you eliminate mental barriers & ignite your business growth.

Your journey matters to us. You'll receive individualised attention & personalised feedback on your progress. 

"Jane & Pat have held me by the hand & empowered me to get over my lack of confidence & to see how many great qualities I have that I didn’t see before"

"Jane is so motivational. I would never leave the membership. I love it"

"As a salon owner, it’s helped me overcome a lot of blocks that stopped me from reaching my goals. It’s helped me to change my mindset & work smarter not harder"

"As the old saying goes - ‘You reap what you sow’ and with that in mind, I can’t recommend the Thriving Business Club highly enough, simply because with a little focus and determination from you - it does what it says on the tin"

Thriving Therapist Blueprint©

Once you’ve completed the MindBlock Buster Programme©, you progress onto our self-study Thriving Therapist Blueprint©, AKA business in a box, which includes:

  • Goal mastery for freedom: unlock your business potential & live life on your terms
  • Niche navigator: Find your specialism for success
  • Client blueprint: Identifying your niche target audience & their problems which you can solve
  • Fearless Pricing: Pricing treatments for profit
  • Fearless selling & marketing: How to retail & market your business
  • Brand builder: Creating your unique brand
  • Boundaries unlocked: Maximising business growth through boundary setting

"In my business, Jane & Pat have given me clarity & direction where needed & for the first time in a while, I’m feeling a sense of excitement about where my business is going & the possibility of it giving me the financial freedom & life I deserve"

"The Thriving Therapist Blueprint© has helped me move from business overwhelm to structure & clarity.  Each week the lessons have supported me step-by-step to realise my potential & believe that I can be a thriving therapist"

Our community

Connect with like-minded therapists on a similar journey. Share insights, celebrate successes & receive ongoing support through our vibrant WhatsApp community. Together we’ll create an environment of growth, inspiration and collaboration.

"It’s a real lovely community of like-minded therapists.  I love how open & free it is"

"As a busy working mum having a catalogue of resources I can access & support from not only Jane, but other members has been fantastic.  I cannot recommend the Thriving business enough for the difference it has made to my business"

Why us

“With all your knowledge & expertise, I knew that you were people I could work with who would encourage me when I am having moments of utter doubt” 
Charli Walker, Essence Beauty

In the strange times we live in, it can seem that everyone is an expert business, coach or mentor. We even have coaches who’ll teach you to be a coach!

We regularly do competitor analysis to see who's out there and often our comments are ‘looks great’, ‘very well scripted’ or ‘very Instagramable’!

It reminds us of politicians. Not so many years ago, they were also much older and greyer! They become politicians after years of running a business or organising trade unions. Not particularly photogenic, but with a wealth of experience.

Nowadays, politicians are younger and sleeker. Politics is a career they've studied for. They often don't have much hands on knowledge of real life!

Jane and I definitely fall into the older and greyer category. Jane has been known to do lives in her dressing gown. We've had little disagreements during webinars and we've changed our headshots for cartoons of ourselves because we hate being photographed! You won't find us lounging about on Instagram or TikTok.

But, and this is a big BUT; we have experience. Bucket loads of experience.

Between us we’ve pretty much 50 years’ experience working in the holistic, beauty, aesthetic, massage & male grooming/barbering industries. Nearly 50 years working from home salons, mobile, working in salons and spa’s, owning salons and spas. Plus creating and running award-winning training academies. Oh & Jane had a whole previous corporate career that culminated in running her own HUGELY successful international marketing & market research agency! And we're still practising therapists & trainers. WOW!

We've been through economic booms and depressions. We've survived moving to a new country and being immediately locked down by a global pandemic - & always come back stronger.

So, I think we’ve proven we can definitely walk the walk as well as talk the talk!!

Jane has been qualified as a coach and hypnotherapist for many years with a successful hypnotherapy practice.

Our coaching in the Thriving Business Club is distilled from all these years of experience. The successes & failures; the good & bad times; the highs & lows.

But no matter how good our coaching & strategies are, they’re doomed to failure if we don’t build the right foundations first. One thing we recognised early on, before it came a buzzword, is the importance of mindset – or Mind Blocks as well call them. It’s the key to taking back control of our live & our businesses.

We are living proof that confronting & banishing your Mind Blocks works.

Within a few short years of creating our MindBlock Buster Programme© & Thriving Therapist Blueprint©, we achieved our dream of moving to Spain and opening our wonderful retreat and spa venue Casa Torreta Blanca.

Casa Torreta Blanca

"I’ve been lucky enough to attend training at their residence in Spain & learned so much – not just through their training, but simply by being around them"

"The Mindset, Accountability, Strategy and 1-2-1 support are second to none, not to mention member exclusive retreats at exceptional prices"

"What a great membership! So much support within the group, with day-to-day insight into everything beauty, holistic and aesthetic... Jane has a wealth of knowledge and gives you all the support you need as a group or on a 1-2-1 basis. I've reached out to Jane many times over the years, both professionally and personally and she never fails to inspire and guide me, with her words of wisdom and support. I feel safe in the knowledge that I can get the support and guidance I need as and when I choose to with this membership, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement and learning, which Jane allows me to do at my own pace (with a gentle nudge on occasion - which is needed!). Thanks to Jane for helping my business grow from strength to strength. I look forward to the future of my business with excitement, working alongside you."

That’s us, warts & all.

If you're still sitting on the fence, book a call with Jane to see whether the Thriving Business Club can help you.